In order to better serve our customers, Air Systems Engineering partners with Industrial Air Technology Corp. (IAT) to offer a complete line of fans. As an industry leader, IAT offers a complete line of centrifugal industrial fans and industrial blowers.

Industrial Air Technology fans and blowers are designed to meet the rigorous requirements particular to industrial air movement applications. IAT fans are designed and built for users who value quality craftsmanship and reliable performance. The Industrial Air Technology standard product offering includes backward inclined, industrial exhauster, radially tipped, and high pressure/turbo series fans. Nonstandard products are available to be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer’s application. It is the combined goal of Air Systems Engineering and Industrial Air Technology to provide a fan that best satisfies the various needs that our customers face.

IAT fans are designed for clean air, granular, fibrous, light abrasives, high volume dirty air, harsh industrial air, and high temperatures.

The quality of Industrial Air Technology fans is unparalleled:

  • Complete fan assembly is vibration tested before shipping with all appurtenances
  • Are fabricated according to AISC standard codes of practice
  • Comply with applicable AWS specifications
  • Typically have a minimum 2 belt V drive
  • Three step paint process to SSPC standards: prepared, primed and painted

More information about IAT Product Quality

General information about IAT products

Centrifugal Industrial Fans

Industrial Air Technology Corp. manufactures many different types, models and sizes of Centrifugal Industrial Fans and blowers to meet the needs of most industrial applications. IAT offers standard and custom designed fans.

GPBI General Purpose Backward Inclined

Economical, modular design allows for short lead times and a competitive price while offering similar performance to our BISW line up to AMCA Class 5.

PB Pressure Blowers

Shrouded optimized bladed design offers efficient and stable performance over a wide range of pressure and volume requirements. Inlet and outlet flanges are round for easy standard pipe duct connections. Suitable for a wide range of applications including combustion air, drying, conveying, cooling, and other process air systems. More information about PB Pressure Blowers | More information on High Temperature Fans and Blowers | More information on Stainless Steel Fans and Blowers