Air Systems Corporation

In our constant quest to provide our customers the best in industrial ventilation, we have developed the Precoater 2 and Laminar Flow Plenums.

Precoater 2

The inexpensive, simple solution for sticky, oily residue build-up in ductwork and high pressure drop in baghouses. The Precoater 2 pre-polishes ductwork while simultaneously coating fabric media (baghouse socks) with an absorbent material to prevent and eliminate oily and tacky residue.

  • Continuously coats fabric filters so that oil aerosols cannot contact the filter fabric resulting in blockage.
  • Simple, inexpensive, small footprint, low operating cost,
  • Three point hook-up: compressed air, 115 volt current, & 3” duct to the dust collector
  • Injects calcium carbonate (absorbent) into duct system, polishing the ductwork (removes the oily residue), and preventing fouling of the bags.
  • With proper operation, is useful in reducing fire and explosion risks.
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Laminar Flow Plenum

The simple solution for employee protection from toxic dusts, the Laminar Flow Plenum create a clean air breathing zone where toxic materials are gently pushed towards exhaust exits.

  •  Eliminates disturbing or disruptive air currents that stir toxic dusts in a worker breathing zone factory.
  •  Placed directly over employees at 7 feet to provide uniform, laminar flow to the workspace.
  •  Produces a “clean air island” zone of ultra-clean air in areas where toxic materials are prevalent.
  •  Protects the employee breathing zone.
  •  Ours have guaranteed uniform flow, an inherent volume damper, and a pressure measurement port to assure proper volume.